Training Courses

Accredited Family Mediator Training

The Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM) sets out the course requirements as well as other prerequisites to become accredited (please visit the OAFM official website for further details).  Colleen Currie is an approved OAFM trainer and offers the following required courses:

  • the 40-hour (5 day) Fundamentals of Family Mediation delivered with John Goodwin: this course covers the ethics and values of mediation, stages of mediation, negotiation, family dynamics, effective parenting plans, and building your practice. This course is for anyone with basic conflict resolution training, knowledge of family court and family dynamics; (November 7-8-9 and 15-16, 2018 in Ottawa. Click here to register.)
  • the 21-hour (3 day) Screening for Family Violence, Abuse, and Power Imbalances: this course covers the sources of, and dynamics around, power that are critical for understanding effective family mediation, collaborative practice, and negotiation; (May 23-24-25, 2018 in Ottawa. Click here to register)
  • the 21-hour (3-day) Family Law: this course is for anyone who is not legally trained in family law. The primary purpose is to ensure that clients understand the legal implications of possible settlement options; (January 23-24-25, 2019 in Ottawa. Click here to register)
  • the 20-hour (3-day) Advanced Family Mediation with Dr. Cheryl Picard: this course focused on skill development and will incorporate the Insight approach to conflict resolution in the family context. (Next training dates TBD. Click here to register.)

Collaborative Family Law Training

International, provincial, and local collaborative practitioners are required to undergo training on the tools of collaborative practice as well as the skills of interest-based negotiation. On behalf of Collaborative Practice Ottawa, we are offering Level I and Level II Collaborative Team Practice (CTP) trainings in Ottawa over four days in the autumn of 2017. These trainings will be of interest to family law lawyers, family relations professionals, and financial professionals wishing to work in a collaborative context, and satisfy the prerequisites for admission to the practice panel of Collaborative Practice Ottawa.

  • Level 1 – Introduction to Collaborative Practice. Over these two days you will be introduced to the documents and tools of collaborative practice including the collaborative retainer, the process guidelines, and the participation agreement. You will reflect on the differences between the traditional and the collaborative approach to resolving issues, and the advantages of the team approach. Communication protocols and the roles of each professional will be detailed as you are taken through the collaborative process steps in ‘mock’ practice.  The Level 1 training contains 2 Professionalism Hours and 12 Substantive Hours.  (Next training dates TBD. Click here to register)
  • Level 2 – Negotiation and Dispute Resolution.  This two day workshop focuses on developing interest-based competencies, skills that are integral to Collaborative Team Practice. Participants examine conflict styles and communication skills, to further develop their ‘tool-kit’. This practical, highly interactive, two-day workshop will teach participants about effective reframing and questioning as well as how to deal with impasse and conflict using role plays and other hands-on exercises. The Level II training contains 3 ¼ Professionalism Hours and 11 ¼ Substantive Hours.  (Next training dates TBD. Click here to register)